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Christie Lee

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Final digital wall design~ [ June.09.06 @ 9:53pm ]
[ mood | relieved ]

All of the groups have finished their designs for the digital wall and now. It's better and more unified and they all do reflect what Design COmputing is about, who we are, and some of our past projects. :D

imagesCollapse )

shut up, you're making me sober

Digital wall design ~ yayyyyy [ May.26.06 @ 10:29am ]
[ mood | okay ]

Okay my group and I basically created 4 images of our class using the layout and simliar touches such in the ipod ads.
We first had to take photos of people. We had photos of tan, shuang, thomas and luke.

Then coming up with different themes and colour schemes - we were able to make all four groups' images unify with the same colour schemeCollapse )

We ended up with these and had 4 transitions which is way awesome. We only ended up showing 3 last week, but today we are able to put up 4 transitions. My group is prepared with the picture of ellis ready. It depends how the other 3groups are fairing. imagesCollapse )

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Navigation bars muahahaa >D [ May.25.06 @ 12:18pm ]
[ mood | sooo cute!!! (hungry laa) ]

my chosen navigation bar!!! muahahahahaCollapse )

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Submission 3 =___=" [ May.25.06 @ 12:02pm ]
It's supposed to be marine. This took me sometime to make and alot of thinking as the word is quite broad ^^"

http://www.arch.usyd.edu.au/~clee5026/submission-3/ for more info ^^
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Masking tutorial like woah???? XD;;; [ May.17.06 @ 9:56pm ]
[ mood | bored ]

click here laaCollapse )

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Tutorials - cg, textures, symbols and more! :D [ May.17.06 @ 6:25pm ]
[ mood | okay ]

My story har har harrrr sooo emo >.>
my sad sad life.. blah blah blahh...Collapse )

Was wayyy awesome experimenting with PS to create random textures. And i came up with these...
clickity click!! :DCollapse )

Here are some symbols we had to design and then play around with in Illustrator bwuahaa. wat a busy natural life.
click here laa!! :DCollapse )

And i wanted to cg a sketch of mine. But since we had to keep it in vector style, i wasn't able to go into the shading, highlights and shadows etc. But yeahhh~! original work muaha!
ANime style! beware! >DCollapse )

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Final chosen brochure XD;;; [ May.12.06 @ 12:13pm ]
This is the one i worked most on today and this is what i came up with.

there is a major difference between my original and then my final design. I had to change hte colour scheme from green/red/yellow to blue/white/grey.

final design laaCollapse )
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Bus shelter posters =____= [ April.07.06 @ 10:15am ]
posters laaaCollapse )
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Emotions - the chosen one.... [ April.01.06 @ 1:12am ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

the final one...Collapse )

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Emotion attempt 2 XD!! [ March.31.06 @ 10:34am ]
[ mood | tired ]

Errrrr... more stuff muahaaCollapse )

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[ March.30.06 @ 11:52pm ]
What it says below. For more details, please click on the link below like how a normal person would.

my wicked badges and errr window that soo totallayy rocksCollapse )
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emotion assignment!! ARGH!! XD [ March.30.06 @ 12:38am ]
[ mood | still amused as hell XD ]

This is my first attempt with this assignment. ^^

clickity click click! And guess wat emotionnnnnn XDCollapse )

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tutorial stuff 2 XD [ March.30.06 @ 12:30am ]
[ mood | amused ]

wedding couple, crazy baby and ghey poster etcCollapse )

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ZE POSTER!! MUAHAHAHAHAAA [ March.24.06 @ 1:10pm ]
[ mood | okay laaaa XD ]

IT HAS BEEN CHOSEN!!... with great difficulty.....

ahemCollapse )

1 fool ¤ shut up, you're making me sober

My concert posters.... T____T" [ March.24.06 @ 10:10am ]
[ mood | tired ]

Now after the dreary hours spent on this exercise bloody hell

here they are. T____TCollapse )

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[ March.23.06 @ 11:54am ]
[ mood | bored ]

Now I just did some research on posters and their designs/layouts etc. Didnt know how much of a pain it is to think of your own design ^^" But anyways, these are a few of my favourite posters I can think pull out of thin air right now.

clickity click! XDCollapse )

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3 Lettermarks XD [ March.17.06 @ 10:44am ]
[ mood | amused ]

My lettermarks! XDCollapse )

I designed 3 lettermarks yesterday to portray my personality and also the initials of my first and last name "C" and "L." To present my hyper personality (once again) I used the "curlz," and "comic sans" font. But to portray my grown up and hopefully, classy side, i used tahoma, and times new roman for one of the letters.

I begun with great difficulty to come up with an idea. But then i thought of the simplest designs and this is how they came out as. I am most pleased with my first one as I think it's "cute." Hopefully I have accomplished the aim for this assignment. ^^

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Research of Logos~~ [ March.16.06 @ 5:55pm ]
[ mood | tired ]

Here's a few logos I found and used for inspiration. XD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

THis is the logo used for CTV as you can tell.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This is the logo of one my favourite game companies, "squaresoft." *muahahaha*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is the logo for the american tv show "ET - entertainment tonight."

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The infamous MTV.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lastly, the company logo for HP.

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Self portrait number 1 ^^ [ March.10.06 @ 2:15pm ]
[ mood | okay ]

Image hosting by Photobucket

Vualaa~ Wellll i wanted to portray my crazy, weird self through different letters and numbers in PS. I think I was able to convey this idea as i used a animated style. This showing my liking for the anime, manga area etc. And also, with the use of different font styles and sizes, this shows my indeciveness, yet creativity, and variety of ideas, moodswings and thoughts. I used the slight change of opacity to show not only my hair highlights but also different colours of my skin colour and clothes.

This was a great test for me as I am no professional in PS yet. Hehehe hopefully i would be able to use PS more flexibly to convey my ideas in the future. :D

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